Henri Bendel


New York’s famed Henri Bendel is now a permanent fashion fixture at Westfield Old Orchard, located in Skokie, Illinois (a suburb near Chicago).  The Brown & White striped iconic glam factory of ‘all things accessories’ is nestled between Macy’s and Lord n’ Taylor and just a short stroll away from the mall’s breakfast trifecta – Wilde & Greene Restaurant + Natural Market, Starbucks and The Corner Bakery.  But alas, this style story is on Bendels, Bangles, Baubles and Bags.

 henri bendels at old orchard reviewd by the coquette baguette

Your unique shopping experience begins at the famed archway entrance modeled after Bendel’s legendary Fifth Avenue counterpart, complete with custom designed, statement-making décor.

Upon entry it’s all about the rose gold!  I was delighted to find this pinky metallic staple intermixed with Swarovski elements, HB’s trademark brown and white stripes, and gold, silver accents. A few of my faves included the Hand Me Down Stack Ring (I love the rich feel and weight of it) and the chunky Buckle Up Band Ring(Love that it works on your thumb and pointer finger– a steal at $58).

baubles for breakfast

Cobalt also makes a stand-out color story at the boutique.  The haute blue dresses up unique leather and canvas handbags, complete with delicious satin lining, coveted Henri Bendel custom hardware and super fun magnetic closures (I just love the elegant snap sound each bag makes.  The bags are modern, yet have rich, vintage feel making them all instant classics).

henri bendel old orchard breakfast accessories

Stripe-y, glitzy, and shiny enamel bracelets beckon you to play!  Create versatile looks with a multitude of petite stacks or chunky statement bangles with crystal rivets and signature button hinge closures, for bolder arm candy. You seriously can’t go wrong with any of these drool-worthy bangles.  Stacked or worn separately, it’s definitely hard to choose.  I settled on the Oval Metal Rivet Bangle, a great wardrobe staple.   

And if you’re looking to make a statement at breakfast (and of course you are, that’s why you’re reading this blog) then may I suggest the house du jour…the Centennial Stripe Cocktail Ring.  Originally designed for late night soirees, this little gem makes you so darn happy to be a girl that it becomes necessary to rock it during the day as well. This Bendeltini will go hand-in-hand with a peach Bellini at brunch making for a delicious style statement.

– By Maritza Buelvas. Read entire piece at thecoquettebaguette.com


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