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With wedding season fast approaching, we got to thinking: What sets the quintessential Chicago bride apart from others? Is it her love of romance? Her nod to tradition? Or her penchant for sparkle? We say all three. And we know just the place where you can have it all: BHLDN.Anthropologie’s love song to Chicago brides has an expertly curated range of styles and price points. You’ll find wedding gowns in ivory, blush, and peach, handpicked vintage jewelry, fascinators, veils, and cover-ups designed to pair perfectly with Chicago’s ever-changing weather. But what’s a bride to do with so many choices and so little time? We sat down with some of BHLDN’s top staffers to discuss the current wedding trends and the pieces they love for Chicago brides-to-be.
What makes the Chicago bride unique?
The Chicago bride has a romantic, yet modern style and gives a nod to tradition. She gravitates toward styles that are form fitting yet ethereal. She appreciates flowing, soft fabrics with touches of whimsical embellishments. She loves a little sparkle in her accessories and is looking to make her gown personalized with a sash, wrap, or a piece of statement jewelry. Our [Chicago] brides have fallen in love with gowns created for BHLDN by Catherine Deane, Delphine Manivet, and Tracy Reese.
What unique pieces do you offer Chicago brides looking to make a statement? What can she find at BHLDN Chicago that she can’t find elsewhere in the city?
BHLDN provides the bride with a range of styles and price points. Amongst our unique offerings are wedding gowns in different hues, vintage jewelry handpicked by our BHLDN team, and headpieces, veils, and fascinators that finish the look.
What’s the veil/headpiece trend for wedding season 2013?
Fascinators, blushers or, alternatively, mid- to long-length veils in a variety of colors! BHLDN offers four color options in three of our veil styles. Many brides wear these pieces for their ceremony and photos and then change into a different hairpiece for the reception — something with sparkle, feathers, or a floral influence.
With Chicago’s ever-changing weather, what type of cover-ups are most popular at BHLDN?
Boleros continue to be a sought-after item for our fall and winter brides. For spring, we see lace shawls offering a bit of cover for our conservative brides. For a unique twist on the wrap, we carry a shawl with exquisite beading that is very reflective of the Gatsby era.
What’s your best style advice for the 2013 bride?
Embrace different colors and textures other than simply white. Today’s bride is loving ivory, blush, peach, and shades of each as she considers her bridal gown and bridesmaids ensembles. Also, consider having your maids wear different styles of dresses within a selected color family. The look is modern, curated, and individual to the needs of each maid…and it looks great in photos!xx, The FabFitFun Chicago Team

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