Orly Shani


Orly, I love your approach to designing luxe, yummy and cozy clothing.  The fact that most of your pieces are convertible and super easy to throw on in the morning makes them a girls dream. What makes your clothing so effortlessly chic?

I design the clothing that I want to wear…. So it’s easy ha,ha. I always want to look effortlessly sexy and relaxed. I want to look on point with the trends, but still like myself. So I try to design clothing that will allow me to feel and look that way daily.

What do you find to be the quintessential piece or pieces every girl craving comfortable, sexy clothing needs to have?

I think a strong collection of knits are important. That’s one of the reasons I launched the tuc+wes BrokeCity knits first. Most everyone I know wear’s cozy, fashion knits on a daily basis. Paired with colored denim, or a skirt… worn over or under a dress. It’s so versatile and so cozy.

What’s next for your brand, Tuc + Wes?

We are really focused on building the knits collection for the time being. It’s been an incredible business for us so far, which is really promising. I’m also working on prepping my full contemporary collection, But it takes time. Doing a full line is not easy. So when the time comes I really want to be ready. I have a lot of exciting ideas… but I have a lot to learn still.

I think girly girls related to your designs on Fashion Star because they are so multifunctional. What are some key pieces you’ve launched, or are set to launch, that ladies can wear in the morning to look effortlessly glam?  

One of my favorite pieces that will be in the new collection is the reversible wrap skirt. I designed this beautifully draped wrap skirt that is reversible, so you can wear the solid side on the outside, with the print as your lining… or print on the outside, with the solid side as your lining. Really versatile and exciting, no matter how you wear it.

What are some fun fashion accessories a breakfast girl would want to wear to make a statement at breakfast?

Mmmm I wanna say killer sunglasses cause that’s what I need for breakfast! Ha, ha I’m not a morning person, so rock’in some killer shades is a big help and looks good too! [Editor’s Note: Add a good shade of red lipstick and both will take you a long way].

What can a girly girl expect to find in your line that she can’t find elsewhere?

You can expect to find value. I am incredibly focused on pricing the tuc+wes knits collection competitively. We are actually launching new limited edition tees that will be available weekly for $10! I think that’s an exciting shopping experience.

The full collection will be more expensive, given the nature of that line, but we will offer multi-functionality, so you’re still getting your value.

I love your personal style and because The Coquette Baguette also focuses on beauty, I have to ask what’s in your makeup bag at the moment and what do you do to get that gorgeous hair of yours (love the ombre)?

I have a great colorist in NYC that takes care of my ombre color. I love it because this Broke Girl only has to go twice a year!

My makeup bag always looks the same. I have under eye concealer, currently Laura Mercier camouflage. Bronzer, currently Two Face Cocoa… which is made with actual cocoa powder and smells awesome! I use MAC powder for my shiny days and a great Bobbi Brown blush. And the all time best nude lip gloss in Loreal 120 Rich Pink… but I have to order it online, cause they no longer sell it in stores.

By Maritza Buelvas.

View entire article @ thecoquettebaguette.com.



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