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Please describe your go-to morning style and favorite beauty products.

My morning style varies with the seasons, weather…and the night before, but when I wake up on the right side of the bed and the sun is shining, I love to play around with my wardrobe and mix current pieces that we are carrying on Les Nouvelles with some of my favorite vintage finds to create a fresh look. Of course, there are always those mornings when I just can’t get it together and default to my favorite Mother Jeans, an Equipment button up and Rachel Comey booties – a fool proof outfit!

My favorite beauty products (of the moment) are Rose Water for my face, Oil of Olay Sunscreen lotion, Garnier BB Cream, Kevyn Aucoin mascara and Nars Blush stick. I recently purged a lot of my beauty products in favor of a more simplistic routine. I was spending so much money on prestige beauty products that really didn’t work, so I’ve gone back to the basics (with the exception of my Kevyn Aucoin mascara which I can’t live without!!)

As you know, girly girls love a good glimpse into the daily wardrobes of editors and fashion mavens. What was your quintessential office look at Elle and now at Les Nouvelles?

Elle was a full on fashion environment and dressing for work always took a little planning. I would have several client meetings a day, so I usually would wear an in season contemporary or RTW dress with super high heels and statement jewelry. I loved the uptown New York City look during those years and enjoyed dressing up for work, because staffers really enjoyed clothes and it was always a fun elevator conversation – “What are you wearing?” I also had a military like strategy for sample sales and always scored some major pieces from the Proenza Shouler, Phillip Lim, Prada and Miu Miu sales. Lots of “forever pieces”.

At Les Nouvelles, things are much more casual. A lot of the time I’m on the computer all day working on the site and our creative, so my wardrobe is much more relaxed. Booties and flats have replaced my Louboutins and denim is in heavy rotation! Of course, I always play up my looks during fashion week in New York and Paris!

Where do you love to breakfast in Atlanta and what may we catch you wearing at this chic location?  Also, do you have any fond breakfast experiences from your days in NYC?

 west egg in new york as featured in the coquette baguette

I work in the emerging West Midtown district in Atlanta and there are some really great breakfast options. West Egg is an indulgent café where my will power completely shuts down and I have to order the fried green tomato wrap with grits. I only allow myself to go once a week so I don’t go overboard. I love little bohemian dresses from Mes Demoiselles for breakfast meetings. I pair them with Rag & Bone booties and a We Are Owls scarf. Octane is a cool little coffee shop that specializes in great coffee and pastries. While I always have plans to bring my laptop and spend the day working there, I’m a creature of habit and usually take my iced coffee back to the office to work. I’m often caught waiting in line in full on work out gear.

the smile on howard in soho new york as featured on the coquette baguette

New York is a magical place to start your day. I still love going to Balthazaar during the week for a power breakfast meeting – it’s so chic! And Prune is my all time favorite brunch place in New York. When I’m there for work now, I frequent the Smile on Howard in Soho for their great iced coffee and pastries. I don’t drink hot coffee – even in the winter!

Who’s your favorite designer right now and why?


Oh gosh – it’s so hard for me to hone in on just one, but I’ll tell you who I’m most excited about for spring – MSGM! They are an advanced contemporary line out of Milan and have the most over the top prints and chic day to night pieces. We love color and print at Les Nouvelles and their collection really celebrates both in such a unique way while still managing not to go overboard. We’ll be stocking them next season and I can’t hardly wait for the collection to arrive.


the coquette baguette interviews katie hobbs of les nouvelles

Spring ’13 Designers we’re excited about: Otswald Hegalson, Shourouk

Who’s next on your fashion radar?

Besides MSGM, we’ll be stocking Carven, Like My Mother, Otswald Helgason, Apiece Apart and Shourouk jewelry for spring. We’re really expanding the site and trying to add designers that aren’t super saturated.

I love how your site allows shoppers to design their own looks. How does the ‘be your own stylist’ tool work on shopln.com?


Sadly we took that feature out when we relaunched the site in November L We still are very focused on providing lot of shoppable trends to give the site more of an editorial feel.


Any morning guilty pleasures?

Umm, tons! I have this really irrational theory that indulging in the morning is fine as you have the entire day to work it off. So, I don’t hesitate to have a muffin, bagel, Dunkin Donuts flat bread sandwich…or piece of cake as long as I have a healthy lunch and work out later that day. And being from the south a good biscuit is impossible to pass up!


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