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I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephi Maron, Founder and CEO of LA’s beauty mecca, Blushington.  Check out her fun tips for looking polished in the morning and the hot color trends you should be sporting for winter. When in Los Angeles, be sure to visit this adorable makeup and beauty lounge, full of the latest cosmetic wonders and the best artists in the biz!

blushington, LA's beauty hot-spot sits down with the coquette baguette t

First of all, I love your business name. How did it come about?

Thank you! My team and I were coming up with different names but I was the only one who liked the name Blushington!  Initially I was outvoted as we tried to trademark other names, but they  were already taken. Needless to say, I won in the end! We wanted the name to have something to do with makeup but we also wanted it to be  original and  thus we came up with Blushington, which does incorporate both objectives.

What’s your overall beauty aesthetic at Blushington? Why is your approach to beauty unique?

Blushington’s overall beauty aesthetic is to make you  feel  better about yourself. Our approach to beauty is unique because we are all about making someone look and feel beautiful yet still letting  them feel like themselves. We always say at Blushington “its you, only better”. We feel like you don’t need a lot of makeup to look beautiful, so we really listen to our customer’s needs.

What skin care products do you recommend for radiant, plump skin in the morning time?

I think a moisturizer is the most important step in order to achieve more radiant plump skin. I also think investing in a mask and using it 2 times a week will make a world of a difference in your skin and will instantly make your skin look more radiant and plump. I love Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Mask in Pumpkin or Chocolate flavor.

What are your favorite makeup products to create a fresh, dewy look?

I absolutely love Becca’s Opal and Pearl Shimmering Skin Perfector. It’s just the right amount of dewiness that can act as a primer or you can mix it in with your foundation. Super easy and fast to use.

blushington, LA's beauty hot-spot

What’s a quick makeup routine a girly girl can follow to look polished in the morning? What about a quick routine to look glam in the morning?

A quick makeup routine to look polished in the morning is to put on the 3 essentials I feel are the most important to get you that polished flawless look; mascara, blush, and foundation. For a more glam look in the morning add a bright red lip and a little shimmer in the corner of the eyes that can instantly make you look more glam with that subtle touch.

What’s your must-have beauty product and/or beauty treatment of the moment?

Right now I am obsessed with tinting my brows. I don’t love filling in my brows everyday and I don’t like them so defined so tinting them gives  me the perfect solution. I have really light-colored brows so when I tint them it gives them  enough of a difference to look polished and full but not too defined. And it lasts for 2 weeks!

Any fave color palettes that are going to be hot this fall and winter?

The hottest colors right now for fall and winter are  deep berry lips with a dark shadow. Green eye shadow with a nude lip and cheek are also making a comeback and it looks amazing!

blushington, LA's beauty hot-spot

Where’s the prettiest place to have breakfast in LA?

Hmm I am not sure, but now I am on the hunt to find out!

Do you have a favorite, long-last lip product that doesn’t come off on your coffee or tea cup?

Yes I do! I love Becca Beach Tints. They come in all different colors, they are easy to use, and they last all day. They are water based and do dry matte, but you can always put a gloss over the tint.

Do you have any morning guilty pleasures you’d like to share with CB readers?

Coffee! Iced or hot it doesn’t matter. I can’t function in the morning without a cup of coffee.

xo/ Breakfast Girl for


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