Corri McFadden

An Interview with a Style Icon

I had the pleasure of conducting a phone chat with Chicago’s fashion darling, Corri McFadden.  Corri is the founder of eDrop-Off, a nationally recognized online luxury consignment resource and the star of VH1′s House of Consignment.  As the fashion segment contributor for You and Me This Morning, Corri provides highly coveted style advice for Chicago’s fashion savvy.  Corri is a national trendsetter and a fashion icon to many Chicagoans and beyond;  Read more as Corri dishes exclusively to The Coquette Baguette about her favorite breakfast spots; Letting us in on her morning beauty and fashion tips.

What’s your approach to effortless morning style? What are your favorite morning must-haves for making a statement at breakfast?
I’m a big believer in the blow out. I get one every Tuesday and with the use of good dry shampoo it lasts me throughout the week. A lot of times you wake up in the morning with the daunting notion of having to do your hair; It’s what holds a lot of girls back and so they throw their hair up.  I’ve shared my trick with everyone around me and everyone has adapted quite well. The trick is to find someone who can master a blow out for your hair and use dry shampoo.  When you get up in the morning you can count down on your time. I get ready in about 15 minutes; so with good-looking hair everything just falls into place. I’m also a big believer in statement lip color – it’s an easy way to skimp on the rest of your makeup. So finding a nice tinted moisturizer, a pop of color on your lip, and a good blow out and you’re good to go!  By the time I get to Sunday, my hair has made its way into a nice ponytail, not an athletic pony tail, but a stylish one.  The blow out…yeah that’s my trick, with a pop of a bright pink lip!
I brunch every sunday, me and my boyfriend do, it’s kind of like our routine.  We laugh at ourselves and say we’re like a 90-year-old couple.  We get up and get really dressed up…we go to brunch… we get home and we change into lounge clothes. We either brunch at Fred’s (5th floor Barney’s)  or CAFE DES ARCHITECTES at Soffitel (the crepes are to die for and the bread basket is the best).  These two are kinda my two go-to spots;  Then I come home and take off my six-inch heels because it’s Sunday. 
Which summer trends are you most excited to experiment with right now?
Summer is for everyone this season…pastels are in, brights, florals, print on print…so everyone can kind of find their way. I’ve kind of mixed it all together. My wardrobe this season is probably the most colorful it’s ever been.  Being in Chicago you sometimes kind of revert back to black since it’s cold, but this summer, I’m all about the Rag & Bone skinny pant.  I have them in every color and every print that’s out there. I love Equipment silk blouses, they pair back perfectly with the Rag & Bone pant and it’s an effortless style that can be dressed down or dressed up. Also, there’s so many amazing heels out; Brian Atwood came out with his B Collection over the winter, and his summer collection has been amazing. His heels go anywhere from $350 to $600 a pair which has allowed me the ability to purchase more than normal. 
What’s your morning makeup routine? 
Tinted moisturizer and eye cream. I primarily use Laura Mercier, MAC, and Makeup Forever (especially their lip colors).  I try to keep it simple with a neutral lid and black liner, with a little bit of bronzer (so I don’t look translucent in Chicago), and I pop my lip. Sometimes I play with my eye if I’ve got a little time, but usually my lips is where I experiment with color — it’s the easiest way. I need products that stay on– often I’m going from the office to an event;  I really like Makeup Forever because their HD Foundation works miracles, and then Kryolan has a really good lipstick. Makeup Forever and Kryolan are my go-to’s for lip and foundation; Laura Mercier and MAC, I mess around with their eye colors and bronzers. 
It’s a guilty pleasure to be accompanied by a great bag while sipping your morning beverage at a beloved café.  What’s your favorite bag of the moment to tote around as a busy girl on-the-go?
You’ll either find me carrying the Mini Celine (I like it because you can carry it messenger style) or Proenza Schouler’s PS 1 because it’s super functional and I can fit my laptop in it [Editor’s Note: Both bags are to die for]. I’ve also been toting Christian Siriano (he gifted me a pony hair back pack from his runway collection) and I’m not one for back packs but this is the perfect back pack, besides The Row’s $50,000 back pack. It has pink snake-skin trim.
As an admirer of Chanel and Louboutin…what are your all-time favorite accessories from these two iconic designers?
The Chanel classic flap!  We actually sold one at eDrop-Off a couple of months ago that was a clear PVC that was so cute. But the classic flap is timeless, it goes with anything.  You can put it on a shelf and it serves it’s purpose. Louboutins, I mean I have a lot of them(chuckle). I like Christian Louboutins for a statement shoe, a lot of people like it for a basic shoe. But I think if you’re gonna wear the red soles…get an outlandish statement shoe. My favorite pair would probably be the cork wedge–that’s super cute!  I love them all – you can’t go wrong with a red bottom!  I have a Chanel gun-metal clutch that has long chain C’s” on it, it’s my favorite bag in my collection.
What Chicago designers do you love right now and who should we be keeping on our fashion radar?
Creatures of the Wind have done amazing things for Chicago and putting on us on a national front. I was at the CFDA awards a couple of months ago and unfortunately they didn’t win, but they were nominated so that was so awesome to see. There’s a lot of really great local talent. C/Fan is doing some really cool things, too. 
What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?
The best style advice ever was from Hal Rubenstein. I had asked him tips for ladies looking thin. He said the biggest misconception is that black will make you look skinny.  The only thing that’s gonna make you look skinny, is to be skinny. 

By Maritza Buelvas.  Entire article available at 


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